Relationship Recovery

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Are you struggling to recover from a divorce or break-up?

Are you struggling with relationships within your family?

Are you struggling with relationships with co-workers?

Are you struggling with relationships with friends?

You name it, I’ve been there and know how difficult it can be! Picking up the pieces can be an incredibly painful process that no one should have to go through alone.

That’s why as a Life Coach I can help you overcome these hurdles and obstacles blocking you from moving forward and fine tuning your relationships or simply turn the page and start fresh, a new beginning! I personally went through the pain of relationships friends, family, etc.., and moved forward stronger than ever and with a renewed passion for love and life, you can too!

The Process

The Release, Revive & Renew in Relationship Recovery Process, is a 6-week program that includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, worksheets, and continuous support from me. Throughout these life-changing 6-weeks, you will:

  • Investigate your Situation

  • Assess your thoughts and emotions

  • Explore Responsibility

  • Discover the Purpose

  • Renew Your Relationship with Yourself and Others with Power, Purpose, and Passion

Why Coaching?

​Life Coaching is a great way to deal with all this turbulence going through your mind and controlling your life, and it is a very hard situation to be in, to tackle and deal with it yourself, a Life Coach is good for you in times like this, when you need to get your life back on track! And to avoid making the same mistake over and over again. 

 If you don’t get to the bottom of the issues that you’ve experienced in your previous relationship(s), there’s a good chance you will attract the same in the future.

Stop the cycle and claim your power to create the life you deserve! Give me a call today, I am one phone call away!